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New Year, New Running Attitude December 29, 2008

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I don’t usually set a New Year’s Resolution for the simple reason that I tend to break it or not do it all. But the coming year of 2009 would be different, I have list some of these resolution to improve my running condition:

1. Be more serious when it comes to running

My first 5K was the Mizuno Infinity Run 2, and I finished it in 32mins, and my last for the year was the Milo Marathon and my time was 40mins. I’m not proud of it, instead of improving my time, I’m running slow! It’s not an accomplishment for me at all, shame on me!

2. Train by myself

TrainingThis I have to accomplish, me and my esposo do our routine run around UP oval. It’s my fault that I don’t train at least thrice a week because I run, when my esposo run. But with his hectic schedule at work and at his biking, it’s really seldom for him to run. This year, I promise to myself that I would train even without him. UP is just two rides away from our home.

3. Eat well and don’t forget meds



I have to be cautious of what I eat, more veggies and less pork. I really love to cook, when I get hungry I cook what I can find in the fridge. So this year I will stock my fridge with salad, yogurt, and fruits. This I’ve been forgetting, my daily medication for hyperthyroidism. There are days when I forget to take them and I will only remember it when my heart starts palpitating. Guilty as charged, but this I would be more watchful.

This would be “My List” for now, but for sure I would be adding up some more. I just hope that I could do it.



One Response to “New Year, New Running Attitude”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Happy New Year and a injury free 2009!

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