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A day in a mom's life February 18, 2009

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I had to rush my daughter Rebeccah to the hospital last night, for there were rashes all over her body. It isn’t the first time that she had rashes but what alarmed me was the rashes forming under her eyes. We left the house at around 9:20PM and left my other kid with my brother, thinking that we would just be quick in the hospital.

1_352413732lthat’s my Rebeccah on the right

We rode a taxi going to Capitol Medical Center and went straight to the Emergency Room. Nurses and Doctors asked me what the problem was and I told them that there were rashes all over her body. They took her body temperature, weight, height, and BP. And then they put something over her finger which the nurse told me that it was for checking the oxygen in her body. Since everything was normal, including her breathing the Doctor just said that they will give Dipenhydramine shot to my kid for faster effect and that she will be observe while we’re still at the hospital. Just after a couple of minutes, my kid told me that she was feeling sleepy (it’s the medicine’s effect) so I just let her sleep on the hospital bed and waited.

While waiting for the discharge advise of the doctor, there were lots of kid (patient) being rushed to the ER. Some of them had high fever, bump on the head, and even had rashes. It was a good help for my family having a healthcard which we can use in emergency cases such as this. Before, when I was still working I also had my own healthcard being the Principal holder under DARE Med+Care Plus Plan, their services was excellent. But now, I’m just a Dependent under my husband’s healthcard under Intellicare. Both of them offer the same services and is a really good help.

It was around 12:05AM when the Doctor approached us and handed me our discharge slip, since almost all of the rashes were gone. My daughter was prescribed to take Iterax syrup daily for three days. I had a hard time finding this medicine, I went to FIVE Mercury Drugstore (1. EDSA corner West Avenue, 2. West Avenue near Delta, 3. Quezon Avenue near Crossings, 4. Waltermart Munoz, and 5. EDSA corner Munoz) but all of them had non on their stock (what kind of drugstore are them?!). Really, I was so pissed with them that they even had no other medicine with same generic name but different brand. What really made me pissed was that I had to administer the medication to my kid for the rashes was slowly appearing again. It was a surprise that I bought one from a “small” drugstore along Roosevelt Avenue.

I made some researches of my own about the rashes my kid is having and here’s what I found out. She is encountering “Urticaria”

190px-urtikaria_fuss” Urticaria also called nettle-rash or hives or wheals in a common language, simply means itching with rash. Medically, urticaria may be defined as skin eruption, which is allergic (or non-allergic) in origin and is characterized by profound itching, red circular or irregularly shaped eruptions on any part of the body. Urticaria is an allergic or non-allergic immunological disease, shown on the skin. Characteristically the skin eruptions are erythematous, raised above the skin level, with intense itching and usually worsened by itching an with slight local warmth. It can be acute or chronic; largely having a tendency to recur frequently for many months or years.” (

What causes?

For now, I had to observe my kid and note if some changes occur. I had to bring her back to the hospital for follow up check up. What can I say, it’s better for me to get sick than my kids. If only I can take my kid’s sickness from her, I would do it. Let’s keep watch of our health and stay fit.


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