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Condura Skyway Run March 27, 2009

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In preparation for the much anticipated running event of the year “The Condura Run“, my esposo and I did a practice run last Saturday to avoid any injuries (we don’t want that, do we?). We did a 3x run around the UP Oval and 2x bike around it. I believe that in preparation for any examination, any test or any run, I should rest my mind a body before the big event. But this race is an exemption for my rule, not being able to run for the past few weeks due to busy schedule at home, we managed to squeeze a practice run.

Additional preparation made was our own carbo-loading at home, we ate my homemade baked macaroni, fruit shake, and lots and lots of banana. And after that, a good night rest.

It was one of the best race I’ve joined. It was well organized, race marshals were present, we didn’t get to run alongside with vehicles, and the results were fast and accurate as to what I remember my time was when I crossed the finish line.

For the results you can check it at Condura Website or click the link below:

picture-63K Result

picture-75K Result

picture-810K Result

picture-921K Resut

As for me this is my finish time:


And my esposo’s:


And don’t forget to grab a copy of Philippine Star this coming Sunday for the results will be published there too. Congratulations to all the finishers. Keep on running. 🙂


One Response to “Condura Skyway Run”

  1. sorry for the late reply. Congratulations on your run. great time. will see you in the Condura 2010. 42.195km – marathon

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