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Botak Paa-Tibayan Race Result??? May 15, 2009

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Just checked the Botak Paa-Tibayan Race Result and I was wondering if it is accurate? As I entered the finish line I know that it was 1hour and 19minutes but in the race result I finished in 1hour 13minutes. There is a 6minutes discrepancy, but it didn’t only happen to me. My hubby finished his first marathon according to his watch in 4hours and 31minutes but they posted 3hours and 56minutes. How did that happened? (Hmmm… dagdag-bawas eh…)

Are they in different timezone? I think it should be the organizer’s responsibility to publish the correct and accurate finish time of runners. Some of us don’t have stopwatch to check our time, so the organizers owe it to the runners to post their accurate finish time.

There are many of us who are trying to beat our finish time and keep published race results like me. I think this is the first time I encountered something like this. Hmmmm….


10 Responses to “Botak Paa-Tibayan Race Result???”

  1. orange Says:

    It’s a 100% not accurate. I don’t even find my name in the result list. I searched instead my bib no, and to my surprise, another runner was using the same. So frustrating…

    • Let Says:

      it really is frustrating. this is my second time to join a Botak race and it really isn’t worth it. like Baldrunner said, we should really choose the races that we’ll be joining. sayang nga naman ang pera kung ganito ang mangyari, wala na ngang water, mali pa ang result. hay…

      • orange Says:

        my 2nd time to join also botak race, the 1st i think i must say was good enough, that’s why i tried the 2nd time…oh well…

  2. Dmitry Says:

    Automated timekeeping systems must be used. Here is an example of low-cost one (with video recording of finish line)

  3. rod Says:

    that sure is one crazy race. i saw from the results a 42k runner who has his name posted twice and in different times. =(

  4. gil Says:

    i know, i clocked 2:19 but in their result its 2:14. a big discrepancy.

    i hope botak organizer can read all these messages and do something about this. nakakahiya sila. next time 3K nalang e organize nila, di nila kaya ang long races.

  5. forefoot Says:

    Super erroneous ang results..i crossed the finish line with Doc ROY (see my blog)…we have a 4 minute diff…and our time, compared to the garmin, is 15 minutes at the minimum away!

    • Let Says:

      naku sinabi mo pa, buti na nga lang nag apologize si Botak, at least sa incoming race nila eh 3 na ang race organizer, so siguro join ako ulit. 🙂

  6. hi! can somebody post the link to the botak race result? I can’t seem to find it in Thanks a lot!

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