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The TNF100 Challenge – Part 2 May 26, 2009

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Here are some pics I took after the TNF100 race.

IMG_0059with Tiffin who finished her first trail run with 1hour 10mins.  🙂

IMG_0084The ever fit Gigi

IMG_0060Ultrarunner Mikey and Erick

IMG_0087Erick with fitmommy

IMG_0093with Mr. Leo Oracion


My pitiful Merell shoes

IMG_0106Hubby trying his new cleats

IMG_0109Dhenz the “Running Pinoy” who did his 100K solo

IMG_0118Check out time na! (with Echel)


2 Responses to “The TNF100 Challenge – Part 2”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Hi Let. Thank you for posting the photos. It was a wild weekend but all of you survived. To me, all the runners, volunteers and spectators are an inspiration! To go through the elements of the weekend was unbelievable.

    Please take care and have a good remainder of the week.

    • Let Says:

      yes wayne, it really was a wild weekend and it sure is a blast. the race almost came close to not pushing through but I’m happy it didn’t. Coach Rio and the FinishLine Team did a very well job. regards and stay safe. 🙂

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