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My First Half at the Ecodash – A Run to Remember September 16, 2009

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This race was not intended to be my “initiation” on my first half marathon nor supposed to run on this race. Up to now I still don’t know how did my husband convince me in running a 21K at the Ecodash. The night before the race, I still have jitters and in a way was praying for a rain that would stop the race. Yes, I know that is so selfish of me, but came to my senses that I still have to do a 21K one time or another, do I have to prolong my agony?!

I woke up 3AM and heard to no rain outside, so this is it, the moment of truth. Erick and me got dressed and put the things we needed inside the car. At exactly 4AM, we’re on our way to Fort Bonifacio, there were already cars parked when we arrived at the area. The race would be starting 30minutes late for those who would be coming late which was not a big deal for me. Erick, me and one of his colleague did some warm-up, we ran 2K and did some drills.

At 5:30, the gun was fired to mark the start of the 21K runners. It was still dark when we started, Erick paced with me, and run alongside with power couple Vener and Christy and some peeps. Vener was teasing me “naku, Let mahabang distance ito” (Let, it’s a long distance run), still chuckling I answered him “oo nga eh, sabi kasi ni Erick try ko na daw para mawala yung fear ko sa distance na 21K” (yes, but Erick told me to run on this distance so that I can overcome my fear of the 21K distance). Erick run beside until we reached the middle part of the Kalayaan Flyover, for he has to reach his target finish time. As soon as I was heading down the flyover, rain was pouring, who wouldn’t want to run in the rain? This was the scenario all through the route.

It was 48minutes when on my watch when I was at the end of Kalayaan Flyover on my way back to the Fort area. I was saying to myself to finish within 3hours. My first 21K experience is a memory I will treasure, up to now I still can’t believe that I’ve ran a 21K race. As I was heading back to the finish line, I saw Erick running towards me which was what we have talked about [he finished with a time of 1hour 48minutes]. After he run the race, he would be pacing me up to the finish line, but I think the toll has fallen on me. Both my legs had cramped but I couldn’t afford to loose time. I must cross the finish line no matter what. When I check my watch, it was 2hours 21minutes past the starting time and I was still 2kilometers away.

Erick told me to push it and have a strong finish, but I was running/walking due to the pain in my legs. Just 1kilometer away, I pushed myself and ran as fast as I could. I could almost see the finish line, yes! I can do it! I crossed the finish line with a time of 2hours 33minutes 17seconds. YEAH! The smell of victory is so sweet. To God be the glory!

Thanks to Sir Ipe, Bards, Master Mon, Vener and Christy for cheering for me whenever they saw while we were running.

I have no camera, no photos for my first half 😦


8 Responses to “My First Half at the Ecodash – A Run to Remember”

  1. Gigi Says:

    Woohoo! Congratulations Let! Hanep ka! Dati lang 5K takbo mo nung nakilala kita… Ngayon 21K na! πŸ™‚

    • Let Says:

      @ Gigi – hehehe. thanks po. kahit nga ako nagugulat sa sarili ko, parang pakiramdam ko lumalakas ako. next year mag ready naman ako para sa marathon. miss you na. πŸ™‚

      @ Vener – thanks po talaga sa pag cheer nyo sa akin, malaking tulong po talaga yon. see you at NB race. πŸ™‚

  2. run unltd. Says:

    Congrats Let. See you again.

  3. Roelle Says:

    Sabay pala tayo nabinyagan sa 21k sa EcoDash.

    Congrats Let!

    • Let Says:

      @ian, thanks po. baka mag full ako sa condura next year, basta okay sa training, mukhang hindi ko pa kayanin kung this year. sali ka ba sa duathlon this Sunday? kitakits tayo.

      @ roelle, thanks and congratulations din. hindi na tayo sa virgin sa half marathon, hehehe. next time full marathon naman tayo. see you soon. πŸ™‚

  4. ian Says:

    Congrats Let… woohoo! pwede na sa Full marathon next month or November!

  5. Wow first time half marathon 2:33 agad? 3 more half mary pwede na mag Full marathon sa Feb Condura woohoo!!

    • Let Says:

      ikaw talaga sam palabiro ka talaga, pero salamat po. ikaw kaya dyan ang magaling. ambilis mo, ganda ng finish time mo sa 21K. kitakits ulit sa mga takbuhan. πŸ™‚

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