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Someone Righteous! (Reminder:This is a political post) January 15, 2010

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This is a political post – read at your own risk! 😀

This is an out of the ordinary post that I usually put here. I would just like to be heard, I want to be counted. Election here in the Philippines had been about political machinery, whether or not a candidate has the money, people and connections had been the measure if someone is capable of running and winning the election.

This post is about my President this coming election, someone who I truly believe that if the people permit would be a good leader. He’s a righteous man before us and God, one of the qualifications I really admire is him being God-fearing which should be the first qualification someone should have before he/she can serve the people.

My vote belongs to Bro. Eddie Villanueva. I’ am not campaigning nor endorsing Bro. Eddie and persuading anybody reading this blog to change their vote and I hope that you would not judge me for voicing out my opinion. This is a free country, I have the right to post my political views but not to the point of pointing the wrongs of other who wish to serve the people. I believe is Bro. Eddie’s vision and I believe Him who is beside Bro. Eddie all the way. I do hope that you pray for God’s will to rule over your decision on whom to vote.

Let us pray that we would have a peaceful election, and may the right person win. May God be with us always. 🙂

Please read Mr. Carlo Ople’s insights about Bro. Eddie at JuanCountry.


2 Responses to “Someone Righteous! (Reminder:This is a political post)”

  1. zhang Says:

    thank u for ur support!

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