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Been Busy…. April 16, 2010

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The Running Mom has been busy that she almost forgot about blogging…. 😦

I have –

Been busy with RUNNING…..

Been busy with SWIMMING…..

And hope to be busy soon with BIKING……

I want to log my personal best with each sport, and will devote myself and my time with training to achieve my goals which are:

Finishing a marathon

Join an Aquathlon

Join a Duathlon and most of all

Join a Triathlon

Tomorrow I will be running the trail route to Wawa Dam, and will share my story with you soon. See you all on the road. Cheers!


3 Responses to “Been Busy….”

  1. jazzrunner Says:

    Good luck on your Wawa Dam run, Let!:-)

  2. ricov Says:

    Busy nga. Mamaw in the making =)

  3. carrey Says:

    yikes! you’ve been busy with a mouthful! good luck in all and most especially, have fun! 🙂

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