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My journey begins… September 3, 2010

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I have been running for more than two years now, started with a 5K run/walk at the Mizuno Rush to Infinity, trained for my first 10K at the Adidas King of the Road, did my first half at the Eco Dash. A lot of people would ask me why I ‘am running, I simply answer for my health. But at times they would compliment me by telling me that I’m looking good loosing pounds. Frankly, I did, before I use to maintain 110-115 lbs. which is still in normal zone for my height. But ever since I have started multi sport and been cross training with swimming and biking, my normal weight have dropped to 102-105 lbs. I was never a fan of food deprivation  I still eat my favorite Cheetos, sometimes drinks Coke when I want to and still has my desert. 🙂


I have started my journey to every runners goal, and that is to finish a full marathon. I’m now currently training for my first full marathon race this coming November. With the help of Runners World Smart Coach, I ‘am diligently following my training plan and hopes that it pays off. When I joined my first 10K, I was afraid of the distance thinking that 10K is too long but the idea dismissed when I finished the race, and the same goes for my first 21K, and is now in the same state of mind. I’ll keep you posted on my journey as I begin to reach for my dream. 🙂


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