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This is it! September 19, 2010

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Will you take the plunge? I will! I have been successfully registered for Jaymie Pizzaro’s TBR Dream Marathon for next year. When you plan for something and it didn’t materializes, would you be broken-hearted? Not on my experience, my supposed to be first full marathon was postponed, which is the Subic International Marathon, so I decided to do the QC International Marathon, but with time constrained training, I opted to just go for the half marathon.


A note from TBR:

  • As mentioned, your reservation does not mean you are officially registered.
  • When registration opens, you must REGISTER in person or through a representative and fulfill all our requirements before you are officially registered for TBR Dream Marathon 2011.  Should you fail to appear during the registration period, your slot will automatically be forfeited and will be given to those on wait list.  We will explain this in detail soon.
  • We will also email you information on registration.  However, we will not accept responsibility for email that is not received or transmitted. Please check this blog to make sure you do not miss the registration period.
  • Please wait for registration details. Do not follow up.


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3 Responses to “This is it!”

  1. congrats for being part of the 2nd batch of TBR Dreamers! and congrats on your .net! regards to sir eric too

  2. Z Says:

    We will be there to support you!!!yahoooooooo…Your so blessed your first is TBR…Jamie will make sure you guys will have a great time!!

  3. Dhenz Says:

    Good luck Let! Make sure to enjoy your race as you’ll only have your first, once. Good luck with training too!

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