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CIHM: Corregidor International Half Marathon September 30, 2010

This race as what the race organizer Mr. Edward Kho had said is not a race for everyone, this race would serve as a validation of your pikermi and marathon races that you’ve joined and finished. This race is a tough race that one should take seriously, proper training must be done in order to finish the race.

“Corregidor International Half Marathon is aimed to become one of the premiere and much-awaited races in the country. It will be held annually in the historic and scenic Corregidor Island on the 2nd or 3rd week of December, making it thus the final major race of the year. This year it is set to fire-off on DECEMBER 19.

One of the distinctive features of the race is that there will be no finish cut-off for the race. However, a 1 hour and 45 minutes curfew from gunstart will be imposed andthe 10Km half-way turn-around point for participants to be allowed to continue the race. All runners who have not crossed the half-way mark within the curfew shall be cleared out from the course by tranvias and will be awarded the 10KM achievement medal. All runners who have successfully crossed the halfway mark and manage to finish the 21Km distance will be awarded with the Corregidor International Half Marathon medallion.

All participants will receive a Corregidor International Half Marathon backpack containing the race bib with RFID timing chip, race route map, and Corregidor International Half Marathon Runner’s shirt. During the race, only the race backpack will be accepted for deposit. All participants should wear the race bib upon check-in and during the race.

Registration will be on all weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) of October and November at Runnr, BHS, The Fort every Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 9pm at Second Wind, Maginhawa and Ortigas Home Depot branches every Saturday from 1pm to 6pm. Online registration will also be available for participants residing abroad and outside Metro Manila, site will be up on Oct 9.

Registration fee will be P2,500.00 – until October (regular registration) and P3,000.00 – until November for late registration, so try to be early to avail of the discount. 🙂

The following are the requirements when registering:

1. Properly filled out registration form
– may be downloaded by Friday / available at the registration site

2. Any valid ID (driver’s licence, SSS ID, voter’s ID, postal ID, passport, etc.) indicating date of birth

3. Any of the following:
– Proof of participation in a 10k race (during the last 2 months prior to registration)
– Proof of participation in a 21k race (during the last 3 months prior to registration)
– Proof of participation in a full marathon (during the last 6 months prior to registration)
– A doctor’s certification of fitness to participate in an athletic event
* For proof of race participation, a printout of the particular race result is preferable. In lieu of that, race bib will be    accepted but will be subject to verification through the race results available on-line.

4. Applicable registration fee.


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